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A brand new Jairus track from the forthcoming EP 'Streams Over Sad Parades to be released on Holy Ghost Records in 2012!


Trader trader, sucking on the blood of the young, go for the throat untill you taste me on the tip of your tongue, rabid, foaming, gnawing, on the scruff of my neck,Trader trader breathing out of cancerous lungs, hellacious teeth jabber ceaseless down the mouth of a phone, rabid, foaming, gnawing, on all the bullshit that you buy and sell, you got dollar signs inside your eyes, and tar coursing through your veins, scatterbrained just like a dose of clozapine the mausoleum all glossy like time magazine, ch/u/p/ac/a/b/a/r/a there was blood on there faces as the juke box sang indiffrent pacings and toe taggs in hands (dont struggle like that, it only makes this harder, as gentle as a pincer sinking through), as the autumn is slipping on the tv set no longer the pleasure the show re ran.


from Streams Over Sad Parades, track released December 25, 2011



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Jairus Folkestone, UK

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